Our gluten-free ingredient cakes are made from recipes based on a blend of ground almonds and maize flour.

When cakes made with gluten-free ingredients, – (GFI cakes), – are being baked at Night Owl Cakery, no wheat-based cakes are worked on and no glutenous ingredients are out on the counters.

The ingredients and materials used for GFI cakes are stored in a special cupboard and GFI cakes to be collected, are stored in areas reserved exclusively for them.

I (Juliet) am a “gluten-free” and I make cupcakes for myself all the time!

Night Owl Cakery Lemon and almond birthday cake 3.
This almond and lemon sponge cake from Night Owl Cakery is made with luxury gluten-free ingredients.


In our GFI cakes range, we offer sponges in vanilla, lemon, orange, toffee apple, bakewell and chocolate.  We also have a variety of exciting fruit combinations which make wonderful Christmas cakes.

Night Owl Cakery - Mothers Day cupcakes 2020.
These chocolate cupcakes were made with gluten-free ingredients, topped with vanilla buttercream and decorated with hand-painted, personalised decorations.
Night Owl Cakery - Kaylie's birthday cupcakes 2.
These are chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream topping, made with gluten-free ingredients.