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Celebration Cakes

White iced wedding cake with autumnal sugar flower decoration.
The decoration of this cake to celebrate a First Wedding Anniversary, was inspired by customer’s wedding bouquet. The almond and lemon flavoured cake was made with gluten free ingredients.

At Night Owl Cakery we offer a variety of cake finishes of your choice; the traditional iced cake or, increasingly often, the less formal buttercream finish. We offer these across all our cake ranges, including gluten free and vegan (plant-based) cakes.

Sugarpaste Icing

A cake covered with sugarpaste icing is a perfect foundation for our painted cakes and for three dimensional decoration and is supported by a coat of ganache, buttercream or marzipan. This is the finish traditionally chosen for formal events such as weddings, as it is not as sensitive to the effects of hot weather as buttercream.

White iced cake with dogs sugar decorations.
This traditional fruit cake was covered with marzipan and iced with sugarpaste before we decorated it with our hand-crafted sugar decorations.


The increasingly popular buttercream finish is ideal for a less formal occasion. Buttercream cakes can still be decorated with sugar art, flowers or plaques, or they can be fashionably decorated with a drip coat of chocolate ganache and topped with sweet treats.

This four layer six inch wide round vanilla sponge cake was covered with buttercream and a white chocolate drip coat. It was finished with white chocolate shards.