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Our luxurious, freshly-baked gluten free cakes and cupcakes are made with the finest ingredients, using recipes based on a blend of ground almonds and cornflour. This results in delicious, moist cakes. I (Juliet) am on a gluten free diet and I make cupcakes for myself using our recipes all the time.

We also make delicious, moist cakes made with Doves Farm gluten free flour, and these might be a good choice for you. Doves Farm gluten free blended flour is the only pre packaged gluten free flour we use. It very reliable and highly recommended by top bakers. Our cakes and cupcakes made with this flour taste very like their equivalent flavour from our range of classic cakes and are sure to please you!

When cakes made with gluten free ingredients are being baked at Night Owl Cakery, no wheat-based cakes are worked on and no glutenous ingredients are left out on the counters, to ensure there is no possibility of gluten cross contamination. The ingredients and materials used for these cakes are stored in a special cupboard and cakes waiting to be collected are stored in areas reserved exclusively for them.


We offer a range of flavours in this range of cakes: vanilla, luscious lemon, rich chocolate, Bakewell, salted caramel with vanilla and salted caramel with chocolate. We also have a variety of fruit cake combinations, which make wonderful Christmas cakes.

This vanilla and almond flavoured birthday cake was made with gluten free ingredients and filled and covered with vanilla buttercream, with a white chocolate ganache drip coat.